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Wedding Decorations, Dream-vs- Reality, Purchase vs Rental

We all dream of our wedding or at least some of us do! The dream and the reality are in most cases two different visuals. With Pinterest being our go to for ideas and inspirations we all get this vision of flowers everywhere, beautiful whimsical trending decor strategically placed throughout your venue. The reality is flowers are expensive, Vintage, Rustic, Boho decor and items are hard to find, mus-less where are you going to store them ... Then what are you going to do with them after the wedding??? Have you ever really stopped to think how much it's going to cost to make that beautiful table scape or centerpiece and then multiply it by the number of guest tables you plan to put it on!

Let's say you like this table arrangement! Let's break down the cost just for this setup on one table.

The below chart shows a comparison of what a table scape like pictured would cost to purchase vs renting.

So what are your other options?

A. There are venues out there that include decorations, you pay a lump sum and they take care of everything.

B. You can find a wedding rental company and minimize your out of pocket cost.

C. Purchase everything needed and sell it after your wedding. Note: this will require storage space and time. However some brides will sell their items before the wedding at a cut cost if the buyers are willing to purchase and pick up during clean up after the Wedding/Reception. The only down fall to this is usually it's a late night pick up.

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